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Custom & Fine Jewelry Stores in San Francisco

Custom & Fine Jewelry Stores in San Francisco

Whatever type of jewelry you’re looking for, from engagement rings to statement necklaces, this selection of San Francisco jewelry shops will have something to cover all your needs.

1. Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry Go to the the online store

1. Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry

Ever visited the San Francisco’s Union Square Shopping District? Then you must be definitely aware of this shop. It had been serving customers all over the globe for more than 45 years. The staff representing the store is highly professional and friendly, that you could doubt, Are they your friends? The best part about this store is; it’s not just a normal jewelry store; you could find experts from all over the globe to assist you with your gems. The highly trained and professional jewelry experts will guide you throughout the store. They too provide you with their esteem online service, which is obviously safe and secure. If you are an antique jewelry collector or a photographer, then this place is like a heaven to you.

2. Jewelry Exchange Co. Go to the the online store

2. Jewelry Exchange Co.

This shop owned by Van and Tiana has been serving its customers since 1983. If you are fond of personalized stuff or want to gift your loved ones a personalized gem or jewelry, this place is just for you. They have an experience of more than 30 years in designing custom jewelry. You can review your custom jewelry any time you want to, and they won’t even hesitate to show you the process. They will guide you and assist you throughout your order process.

3. Edmund R Weber Jewelers Go to the the online store

3. Edmund R Weber Jewelers

Vintage collectors of jewelry are usually fond of fine diamonds and gold, this place is a must visit for all the collectors round the globe. They serve the finest diamonds and gold jewelry in the San Francisco Bay Area. They too have a great collection of antique white gold and platinum.

4. D&H Jewelers Go to the the online store

4. D&H Jewelers

It is said that each person have a unique identity just as their gems, well the owners of this store understands you well. They will serve you the best of their antique jewelry according to your personality, whether you are bold or shy, you will get your gem definitely here. The best thing about this store is that they don’t treat their customers as a client, they consider them as a part of their group, and serving a group gives you far better experience than serving a client.

5. Cresalia Jewelers Go to the the online store

5. Cresalia Jewelers

The gold rush which was started in California, gave California a good image after a person James found a shiny metal in the lumber mill. The owners of the stores came to California during that period and they have been an expert in jewelry trading. The Cresalia’s are serving their customers for 6 generations. Over the 6 generations, they found the best designer, producer and the manufacturer which made them a global icon in antique jewelry. They have one of the finest Geologists in their business.

6. Fiat Lux Go to the the online store

6. Fiat Lux

This shop is around 15 years old, when the owner came from St Louis to San Francisco. Since 2002 they had worked on several experiments for their antique jewelry and then in 2011 they finally succeeded in establishing their name. They just have a small place but their collections are just breath taking.

7. Metier Go to the the online store

7. Metier

The store located on a leafy street in San Francisco, is one of the finest store in the town. They got their own jewelry salon for personalizing antique jewelry with a pinch of their artwork and experience. If you are not interested in antique jewelry, they you may visit their store once, their store itself is kind of a palace, you will definitely fall for their interiors and artwork. Collectors have dream for collecting their jewels, and have the first priority in their bucket list. Your eyes will be mesmerized after visiting their artwork gallery.

8. Carats & Stones Go to the the online store

8. Carats & Stones

The store owners started their business when they were just 12 years old. Since then she got fond of sparkling jewels and gems. They are the best curators and inventers of the world’s finest antique jewelry. The owner believed in practical knowledge rather than the book knowledge. She got experienced with the gems on the backside of their store, she said that that practical knowledge that she learnt at the backside of their store could never be compared with the knowledge she got from her college. Linda, love to convert nature in the form of jewels. You could just bring a piece of your favorite wood and the store will manage to get you that artwork as a gem. Linda creates story out of every gem she had with her.

9. California Girl Jewelry Go to the the online store

9. California Girl Jewelry

It is said that the mother and daughter duo is the best in any field. The understanding bond which is found in this type is relationship can’t be found anywhere else. The store owners are a true example of this relationship. They work with full passion and give their 100% in satisfying their customers, they are the finest designers in the town. They deal with custom handmade and vintage jewelry. Their work and experience can be seen in their jewels.

10. Ben Shemano Jewelry Go to the the online store

10. Ben Shemano Jewelry

These are the finest and one of the most authentic stores for custom jewelry designing. They are located in the Union Square which is the heart of shopping hub in San Francisco. They deal with buying and selling of antique jewelry, precious gems and even vintage and rare watches. The owner is a highly trained and experienced guy which works just for their customer’s need. The staff is completely open with the insider knowledge with the jewels, as they want a transparent relationship with their customers. The trading of the jewels and gems, makes this tore as one of the most iconic place to visit.

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