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Ten Independent Jewelry Stores to Check Out in Los Angeles

Ten Independent Jewelry Stores to Check Out in Los Angeles

Shopping jewelry can be a difficult task for you if you are doing it alone. As buying a jewelry is not at all an easy task, lots of things have to be checked before buying. If you are planning to buy a jewel for your partner or any of your loved ones, we are here to serve you the best. Here is the list of the top ten shops that will be helpful for you in fulfilling your dream.

1. MARS Fine Jewelry Go to the the online store

1. MARS Fine Jewelry

They offer the best and the most unique kinds of wedding jewelry, which can also be a perfect gift for your partner. They could personalize any kind of jewelry according to your taste and preference. From vintage to antique they cover all. They also provide you with the finest quality of jewels and also their professional staff to guide you throughout your shopping journey. It’s a must visit the shop for the couples.

2. Melody Ehsani Go to the the online store

2. Melody Ehsani

The owner being raised in a traditional Persian Family decided to go to a law school after college but her interest was more towards the jewelry so she dropped her school and followed her passion. Her design is considered to be the most unique and authentic in the LA. You could hardly find a competitor for her in jewelry designing. The best part is that for each and every sale she does, a part of the fund goes to the charity. This step is appreciated by all.

3. Gold Empire Jewelry Go to the the online store

3. Gold Empire Jewelry

It is located in the heart of LA Jewelry District. It is a family owned business with 2 generations serving here. It was founded by Edmund Kalo who was a learner at that time. As the time passed by he became an expert and now serving more than 1000 clients daily. This store serves the finest handmade jewelry with a much lower price than the other stores. Even after the crisis in the family, they managed to establish a strong goodwill in the jewelry market. Till now they are considered to be the best in Los Angeles. Their dedication and experience have made them the king of the diamond market in Los Angeles.

4. Bridal Rings Company Go to the the online store

4. Bridal Rings Company

It was established in 1983 and is considered to be the first company in the jewelry industry to specialize in bridal jewelry. A wide range of engagement rings and bridal jewelry are available with them. This company is one of the oldest company in importing and designing diamonds. They have the cheapest price in the whole market as they don’t have any third person in trading, from manufacture to design they handle everything and thus gives you the lowest price possible. They have highly knowledgeable staff to assist you with your wants and needs. They also deal with the custom-made jewelry specially designed for the wedding.

5. Small Craig Evan Go to the the online store

5. Small Craig Evan

They are one of the highly traded and respected dealer in the manufacture of fine quality wristwatches and antique jewelry. They first started in 1938 and till now they have created a strong goodwill in the jewelry market. They are one of the premier suppliers of jewelry and watches designed and curated by the finest craftsman who is well trained and experienced. They also deal with the whole market of diamonds nationally.

6. TA Jewelers Go to the the online store

6. TA Jewelers

It is a family owned and operated a store in the Chinatown, started in 1988. This store has 3 franchise in the Los Angeles, Chinatown. They are well known for high-end custom-made jewelry. They deal in both diamonds and golds. From start to finish they take care of all the process and steps involved just to serve the best to their customers. They are gradually improving their quality and the staff. More designers are appointed which are highly experienced and knowledgeable.

7. Oscar’s Design Jewelry Go to the the online store

7. Oscar’s Design Jewelry

It is operated by a Gemologist who was graduated from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has an experience of 20 years as a craftsman and a designer of jewelry. They only used high-quality material for producing and designing too. They give detail attention even to the smallest part of the jewel. All the stones used and designed are only handpicked and are of the finest quality. They guarantee you the care of your jewel with highly trained designers and craftsman.

8. Roxbury Jewelry Go to the the online store

8. Roxbury Jewelry

Roxbury Jewelry is an importer of diamonds who also has two public locations in downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills serving the general public.  The collection and selection of fine jewlery available to Roxbury includes antique, vintage and new items as well as wedding rings and bridal jewelry. Open communication and price transparency is a core value at Roxbury.

9. Jacobs Estate Jewelry Go to the the online store

9. Jacobs Estate Jewelry

They have been trading in jewelry since 1984 and provide their service at an exceptional value. They are located in the heart of the jewelry hub, Downtown in Los Angeles. They provide excellent customer service that no other store could think of. They too are available online, but as you visit them you will realize that how vast and huge their collection is. They are trained in vintage rings and bridal jewelry.

10. West Wood Jewelers Go to the the online store

10. West Wood Jewelers

They are free to address each and every single detail of the jewelry to their customers. From importing to designing, each and everything is transparent here as this store just wants the trust of their customers which would help them in serving the customers better. They not only sell you the jewels but also tells you about each and every small detail in the jewelry. Each of the craftsmen is present in the store to guide you with all the jewels available there. This community started 13 years ago and has gained much experience in just a span of time.

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