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If you need further information on how to sell with us visit this link or drop us a line and we will get back at you.

How does EyeOnJewels work?

Consumers can purchase any product that is listed for sale on EyeOnJewels. The products are listed by local jewelry stores and fulfilled by the specific store identified on the product page. After you purchase a product the jewelry store selling the product will ship the product to YOUR shipping address, or you can make an appointment to pick it up in person. EyeOnJewels monitors all the transactions for quality and will step in if any side has issues with the transaction.

Why do you focus so much on the local aspect?

We are consumers like you, and have experienced the difference shopping from a local retailer versus one thousands of miles away. Granted, nobody or no company is perfect but in general consumers prefer shopping from companies closer to them for multiple reasons. The problem is that shopping online from local stores is very difficult and time consuming. Our goal is to close that gap and provide easy access to shop locally online for consumers.

How do you select jewelry stores who sell products on EyeOnJewels?

Quality is the top priority for EyeOnJewels. As a result we have strict requirements for jewelry stores who want to sell their products in the marketplace. If you are a jewelry store and are interested to learn or apply to sell please go to Sell On EyeOnJewels.

What is the warranty on products sold on EyeOnJewels?

We guarantee that every product listed and sold on EyeOnJewels is 100% original and as described. If you ever find the description or photo of any product does not match the product you received please let us know as soon as possible. Our human customer service agents will review and address every inquiry.

What is the refund policy on products sold on EyeOnJewels?

Every item sold on EyeOnJewels carries a minimum 30 day return policy. The products have to be returned in the exact original condition shipped to you, without any sign of wear. Individual stores might have an extended or modified return policy so please check the policy for every store and contact us if any questions remain.

What does 'Out of Stock' mean?

An item is marked as 'Out of stock' when it is not available with any sellers at the moment; you won't be able to buy it now. Use the "Notify Me" feature to know once it's available with sellers for purchase.

Do sellers on EOJ ship internationally?

The majority of our transactions are currently in the United States but in specific cases we do help international customers. If you reside outside the United States and see any product that you would like to purchase, contact us or complete the "Get Price" form on the product.

Why do I see a 'delivery charge'?

Jewelry and watch products are highly unique and in many cases custom made. As such and because we also work with independent jewelry retailers, every store and product can have a unique shipping and delivery process and associate fee. The fee will be specified on each product. If you have any questions about a product's shipping fees or policy please contact us.

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