Listing your products to sell on EyeOnJewels - Nothing to lose and only Sales to gain!

If you are a jewelry or watch store in the USA (more countries in development) you can
apply to sell your products on EyeOnJewels.

Why should you sell your products on EyeOnJewels?

Online marketplaces accounted for 52% of global e-commerce sales in 2018 (Internet Retailer) and over 50% of sales on Amazon are from 3rd party sellers (aka the marketplace)

BUT, none of these marketplaces are designed for local commerce. In fact the evidence points to the opposite, they are designed to actually take customers away from local stores. Shoppers on these marketplaces are highly price and discount sensitive and not brand loyal resulting in much lower LTV (Lifetime Value).

Over 75% of shoppers prefer to purchase from local stores if they can find the products at the reasonable prices and quality. Shoppers appreciate the extra service local retailers provide and want to positively impact their communities.

Our entire purpose is to enable O2O (Offline-to-Online) commerce for local retailers in the jewelry industry. This means helping sell your products to "local" shoppers who want to purchase online. We have the largest US directory of jewelry stores, over 50,000 with stores in every single zip code across the country.

But I already have an e-commerce website.

That's not an issue, in fact it makes it easier to integrate our systems if you do.

The new "Sales stack" for retailers is not just one channel but it's as many channels as possible "with the least amount of work". This is why we integrate with the majority of e-commerce platforms meaning you do not have to do a thing to list your products on EyeOnJewels after your store is setup.

Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Bigcommerce, event Etsy and we're adding more platforms regularly. Basically you add products it in your commerce platform once and we automatically list the products on EyeOnJewels. Think of it as a putting your store on steroids (without the side effects.)

What if I don't have an e-commerce website?

We have that covered too. In fact EyeOnJewels with our partners can provide you a fully functional e-commerce platform to add to your website if you would like.

We would like to discuss with you the strategy behind having e-commerce directly (it's time consuming and resource intensive). There might be better ways to utilize your time and resources and still have the local e-commerce capability.

Benefits for Retailers

  • There is ZERO cost to list your products on EyeOnJewels. 
  • True pay-for-performance, and full accountability with analytics and reporting.
  • Competitive transaction costs: our fees are actually less than all other major marketplaces.
  • Improved local reach: you will get access to additional local shoppers - targeted shoppers that are looking for jewelry and watches.
  • Sell online to your local customers with additional security and authentic, verified track record.

So how does it actually work?

If you would like to learn more about listing your products on for free, fill out this form and we will contact you with more details.