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Ten Coolest Jewelry Stores in New York City

Ten Coolest Jewelry Stores in New York City

When it comes to cool jewelry, no one does it quite like the big apple! New York, being one of the fashion-forward cities of the world is known for its jewelry scene with its charming little boutiques and big multi-chain jewelry stores. Spread across the five burrows and serving millions of customers every year, there are over 3000 local jewelry stores in the city that add to its rich culture and fashion-forward image. While people might like to buy everything else online, buying jewelry is something they prefer to do offline through local boutiques that offer them a personalized service. One of the other main benefits of shopping local is that it supports the local economy and gets you access to some unique products created by local craftsmen and jewelers. Our goal at EyeOnJewels is to highlight and help connect shoppers to over 60 thousand local jewelry stores and their products after exploring individual stores and highlighting the ones that stand out. Here’s a list of ten Jewelry stores we liked in our first look at the NYC jewelry scene. We hope you like them and if you know of any more we should consider being sure to let us know.

1. Avianne & Co Jewelers Go to the the online store

1. Avianne & Co Jewelers

Opened in 1999, Avianne & Co Jewelers is the single largest jewelry store in the city and is best known for its bridal and hip-hop jewelry. From solid Cuban chains to big diamond pendants for men and women, the store is frequented by a lot of known hip-hop artists and is the exclusive jewelry designer for famous celebrities like Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj. The store was opened with a vision to cater to the jewelry needs to artists and fashionistas and has since been famous for its bold and unique jewelry pieces.

2. Anna Sheffield Jewelry Go to the the online store

2. Anna Sheffield Jewelry

Known for its fine jewelry and unique engagement rings, Anna Sheffield Jewelry was founded by Anna Sheffield to create unique ceremonial jewelry pieces with a history and a story behind them. She is inspired by natural beauty and believes that each jewelry piece should be bespoke and should symbolize something. The store was opened in the year 2002 as a high-end costume jewelry store and since then it has been visited by celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman, and Mandy Moore.

3. Ascot Diamonds New York Go to the the online store

3. Ascot Diamonds New York

One of the oldest jewelry stores in New York, Ascot Diamonds was established in 1978 and has three other stores apart from the iconic New York store. It is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and offers some stunning engagement rings and wedding bands. It uses ethically sourced diamonds and also designs custom rings for celebrity clients. The store is very particular about the quality of its diamonds and is trusted by clients for its authenticity and knowledge about diamonds. Many celebrities also buy high-quality loose diamonds from the store to get them made into a customized jewelry piece.

4. Lauren B Jewelry Go to the the online store

4. Lauren B Jewelry

Another store which opened in 1978, Lauren B Jewelry specializes in bridal jewelry and creates pieces depicting modern designs as well as vintage charm. The company is named after Lauren Behar, who is a third-generation jeweller and is a diamond specialist. She has been in this field since 2001 and creates bespoke engagement and wedding bands for couples around the world. The fact that they have designed engagement rings for Angelina Jolie, Katherine Heigle, and Kim Kardashian among many more, makes them one of the finest engagement ring designers in the Big Apple.

5. Cellini Jewelers Go to the the online store

5. Cellini Jewelers

As popular for its exquisite watches as its jewelry collection, Cellini Jewelers has been in this business for 40 years and works with some of the most innovative watchmakers of the world. Some of the featured brands include Bulgari, Bovet, HYT, Laurent Ferrier, and many more. The jewelry collection includes some exquisite pieces from their own brand as well as from Carrera Y Carrera, Oscar Heyman, Pippo Perez etc. The store regularly holds jewelry events also where you can get a glimpse of some of the other promising designer collections.

6. Doyle & Doyle Go to the the online store

6. Doyle & Doyle

Started by sisters Elizabeth & Irene, Doyle and Doyle is a family jewelry boutique founded in the year 1998. They mainly focus on antique and vintage jewelry and have an heirloom collection as well. The store is beautifully designed and all pieces are displayed so elegantly that it feels like you are walking in a museum. The soothing ambiance adds to the experience and the sisters interact with each customer to get an idea of their tastes and preferences as they believe in personally catering to all their guests.

7. Ultimate Diamond Go to the the online store

7. Ultimate Diamond

Founded in 1959, Ultimate Diamond is another family run jewelry store in New York which was started by a Korean pearl businessman, the late Mr. Kung Sr. His son took over the business when Mr. Kung Sr. passed away and took the pearl business to new heights by offering GIA-certified diamonds to their customers. From celebrities to common people, the store values each of its customers and is popular for its engagement rings and wedding bands. The store also serves as a go-to jewelry destination for some of the popular athletes and celebrities as well.

8. Satya Jewelry Go to the the online store

8. Satya Jewelry

A store with a very enriching story, Satya was founded by Satya Scainetti, who was given the name Satya after practicing a month of intense kundalini yoga in the Bahamas. She had a dream of giving back to the spiritual world through jewelry and started this boutique along with some soul sisters who work with the brand to create their own collections based on their spiritual experiences. The jewelry pieces created at Satya includes sacred symbols, spirit animals, colours, gemstones, and star signs to offer something unique to the wearer.

9. Greenwich St. Jewelers Go to the the online store

9. Greenwich St. Jewelers

Speaking of jewelry stores run by modern women, the Greenwich St. jewelers are owned and run by sisters Jennifer and Christina who are second-generation jewelers. It was started in 1976 by their parents and offers all kinds of engagement rings ranging from modern unconventional designs to vintage pieces. The heart-warming boutique features some truly inspirational designers like Zoe Chicco, Jamie Joseph, Marla Aaron, Erica Winters etc. The truly unique thing about this store is that all the collections are carefully curated and they give equal importance to emerging young designers as well.

10. Maurice Badler Go to the the online store

10. Maurice Badler

Started over 65 years ago, the Maurice Badler jewelry company was started by Mr. Maurice Badler and is now handled by his son, Jeffrey Badler. From vintage jewelry pieces to designer wedding bands, the store takes pride in its expertise in jewels and its designers. One unique thing about this store is that each piece of jewelry you see tells you a story and is very unique. With collections from more than 35 designers curated for the clients at the store, this store is a go-to destination for all things sparkly and fine.

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