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Starhaven by Liz Donahue

Liz Donahue launched Starhaven by Liz Donahue with the vision of creating a moderately priced, yet distinctively vintage jewelry line for women that want to wear fine jewelry accessories that enhance their personal style, day and night. The patented collection is designed with well-defined functional attributes that set this collection apart from any other high-end designer collection in its category. With the majority of the collection retailing from $200-$700, Starhaven by Liz Donahue is very moderately priced to be successful at any fine jewelry retailer.

The Starhaven Collection is created from an original patented motif by designer Liz Donahue. The motif is evident throughout the collection and affluent in its craftsmanship, creating masterful pieces of art. The extensive assortment ranges from exotically carved sterling silver cuffs to extraordinary pieces accented with solid 18kt gold and naturally radiant gemstones.

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