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Simon G. Jewelry

Against the backdrop of old-world tradition and the pursuit of perfection Simon G. has built one of todays leading fine jewelry brands. Each piece of Simon G jewelry is lovingly made as if it were being custom created and fashioned with the person in mind whose destiny it is to wear the piece. Every piece of Simon G jewelry that bears his name must posses the same beauty of detail on the bottom and sides of the piece as the top. It is this pride of artisanship that sells the first piece. It is the pride of ownership that keeps the customer wanting to collect more. In Simon Gs modern work shops, some of the most innovative designs are born, and then developed into superbly crafted pieces of jewelry.

When it comes to making beautiful jewelry, no detail is too small to be ignored for Simon G.

It all starts with the first sketch. That's followed by dozens of others until a design is approved. From there, we make a CAD model to see the piece in 3D. In this phase, endless hours are spent reviewing every aspect, from the stones to the settings, until everyone agrees it's right.

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