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Royal Asscher

The name Royal Asscher is synonymous with the finest diamonds in the world. The company is still owned by the Asscher family, a renowned international diamond dynasty with an unparalleled 160 year old legacy of diamond innovation, excellence and ethics.

The family’s voracious passion for diamonds has guided them throughout history; from the heyday of the Asscher Diamond Company in 1920’s Amsterdam, through darker times in the company’s history, to the wonderful day in 1980 when the company was bestowed with the rare privilege of a Royal title from Queen Juliana of Holland.

The signature cut of Royal Asscher, the inimitable, patent protected Royal Asscher Cut is considered to be one of the most beautiful diamond cuts ever created. It now features in a series of collections designed by Lita Asscher, sixth generation Asscher diamantaire.

The diamond is perfectly symmetrical, with proportions that fall within strict parameters; every facet is measured for absolute accuracy. The Royal Asscher Cut has a high crown and 74 facets – whereas the modern square-emerald cut, and the original Asscher both have 58 facets.

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