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Mario Buzzanca

"For years pearls have been pictured as a strand around a mother’s neck or perhaps in heavy mounted expensive looking earrings” says Mario Buzzanca, stylist and creator of Mario Buzzanca branded jewelry. “Just have a pearl hanging off your jeans, or your handbag and perhaps even your phone, and all of a sudden you will find yourself very casual, extravagant, elegant, and maybe one would even say “cool”. Wear them as a belt rather than a necklace, or how about a belt that turns into a necklace. I like my pieces to be versatile.” says Mario Buzzanca. Highly original designs, the finest materials and a scholar’s background in jewelry creation gives Mario Buzzanca pearls the lead over all other South Sea pearl jewelry manufacturers. Mario Buzzanca himself was raised in a family of Palermo jewelers and, as the son of the renowned Italian film star Lando Buzzanca, enjoyed an early life surrounded by the glitter and shimmer of celebrity jewelry. Mario’s fascination with South Sea pearls developed in his twenties while he was studying gemstones in Tokyo, one of the world’s main fashion and precious gemstones capitals. After years of research and apprenticeship in Japan, Mario went to fulfill a life long desire to set up his own company and create stunning and original south sea pearl jewelry. Renowned for his creative flair, Mario has become a major supplier to the top jewelers.

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