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Lucina Jewelry

Her first precious daughter, born in 2004, inspired Lucina founder Shauna Alexander Mohr to create a meaningful business collaborating with women and families in developing and war-torn countries. That mission came to life through Lucina Jewelry, named after the Roman goddess of light and birth. Joined by designers Ronda Kelly and Scarlet Chamberlin, Shauna launched the Lucina Jewelry in fall 2005.

Lucina creates indulgent jewelry and inspiring stories. Lucina bracelets, earrings and necklaces have been designed and handmade in Portland, Oregon, using shimmering hand-forged sterling silver, luminous gemstones and lustrous natural elements like tagua and choclo. All of these components are sourced from fair trade importers who ensure that the artisans, miners and silversmiths are paid a fair price for their talents. Fair trade protocols also safeguard the health of workers, communities and the natural environment. The result is beautiful jewelry that carries beautiful stories of resiliency and opportunity from around the world.

Lucina’s mission is to be a force of positive change for artisans and miners, their families and communities, and the jewelry industry as a whole. In addition to working with fair trade importers, we also partner with non-profit organizations to effect positive change in communities worldwide. Our philanthropic partners inspire us with their life-giving work with women and children in war-torn and impoverished regions of the world. Join us in supporting them. Where to buy: www.shopequita.com

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