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Ivanka Trump Collection

Ivanka Trump is a principal of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, which launched in 2007 with a flagship store now located in SoHo, New York City. Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry is currently expanding retail distribution through over 80 exclusive national and international retail partnerships. In her collection, Ivanka combines an innate understanding of modern luxury with a vision of heirloom-chic jewelry that fits perfectly into the lives of today’s intelligent, self-assured women and inspires elegance in a new generation. "My dream for this collection is that it will appeal to women who have a strong sense of themselves, know what they like, value exquisite workmanship and wear even the most important jewelry with a kind of off-handed elegance. They have a sense of tradition, but they like to go their own way. They appreciate quality, but won't tolerate stuffiness. They have everything, yet they have nothing to prove."

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