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Rinaldo Gavello creates jewelry with the vision and the passion of an artist of another era. If he had been able to choose the age an the method in which to give life to his creativity, he probably would have chosen to be a modernist, an automobile designer of the Thirties or perhaps even one of the futurists who brought the movement and the roar of machines to the art of the 20th century. His jewels have the technological precision of the workings of a motor but at the same time they are modelled on the human body according to the fluid canons of ergonomics. The unmistakable tri-dimensionality and movement of the forms together with an ultra-sophisticated running of gold mesh, interspersed with the colors of the rarest gems; these are the characteristics of the Gavello jewels. Industrial design, architecture, and automotive planning are the background that is the major source of inspiration for Rinaldo Gavello. Every object is a microcosm of precise planning and great artisan ability: the technological aspect is for Gavello an essential component of beauty. The jewel is not an aesthetic and decorative experience; it is beauty that becomes functionality it is a plastic form that adheres to the human body, following its movements, almost becoming a part of it.

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