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Frey Wille

FREY WILLE creates modern and beautiful jewellery, with focus on artistic design and a honed jewel-enamel-technique. The in-house team of artists, designers, goldsmiths and enamellists design and meticulously construct collections full of emotions and philosophy. Precious pieces of jewellery are lovingly crafted, communicating a special attitude of life, unique in the material and individually wearable. FREY WILLE believes in taking interest in the studies and principals of people; exploring emotion and dedicating time to capturing these complex and delicate feelings in pieces of jewellery. This is the FREY WILLE philosophy. We all feel. We each experience an array of emotions every day. Employing over 450 employees worldwide, it is this common understanding of humanism, and the way we channel our cherished ideology through fine jewellery, which connects us all together.

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