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Disney Precious Collections

Disney Precious Collections, the leading brand in children's jewelry, is comprised of two lines of the highest quality jewelry available for girls available. The Enchanting Gemstones Collection includes 14-karat gold pieces with diamonds and special gems. The Enduring Enamels Collection features 14-karat gold and handcrafted enamels of Disney characters, as well as classic icons.

The company founder and designer, Jack Gindi, believes this market is virtually untapped. "Gifts, especially those for special occasions, are intended to carry a positive emotional message, communicating on the part of the giver the hopes and feelings he or she has for a child," says Jack Gindi. "That really can't be adequately accomplished through a trendy doll or video game that is likely to become obsolete in a year or two. Because of the emotional significance of the Disney brand and the high-quality of this line, we feel the Disney Precious Collections provides an opportunity for the gift giver to make a lasting impression on a child and in the process create the type of lifelong memory that is so critical to helping a girl feel confident, secure and loved."

"Just like the magic in Cinderella, our specially crafted collection of 14kt gold with diamonds and precious gems can transform every girl into a princess. Every piece in the collection is meticulously designed to capture the magic of Disney and the heart of your precious girl."

"Much of the same way you hand-pick a special piece of jewelry to make your moment truly precious, we handcraft every piece in this collection to make it positively magical. When your precious girl opens her storybook keepsake box, she will unlock the magic that will last a lifetime"

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