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Beverley K

Established at the turn of the last century, Beverley K has grown into a major force in the jewelry industry. Beverley K is dedicated to carrying jewelry of the highest standards and then ensures that this well-crafted jewelry is channeled through the better retail jeweler to the final consumer. We are fully cognizant of the needs of the consumer, via the retailer, and it is an integral part of our mission statement to, all times, exceed these needs.

The Beverley K Collection debuts with a femme petite line of handcrafted bridal rings. Blending feminine charms with exquisite craftsmanship,each ring is a beautiful mosaic of fine miniature work. Micro-pave beads secure in place the stream of tiny diamonds that form a halo around the brilliant center stone. The ancient art of hand filigree is meanwhile taken to marvelous new depths. Each strand of 18K white gold is fashioned into delicate vine like curls to form a fancy bridal bed. Finished with deep hand-engraving reminiscent fo royal insignias, this bridal collection indeed appeals to the princess in every bride. All styles are available in 18k gold and platinum.

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