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Armin Strom

The first hand-skeletonized watch, a pocked watch, by Armin Strom was made in 1983. From this time he created many more watches, also wrist watches. All of them were unique pieces!

Regardless of whether the buyer lived in Italy, Sweden or the USA, whenever he sold one of his high-class watches, Armin Strom always delivered it personally. His customers valued this remarkable service highly, and it was also very important to Armin to present the watches to their future owners in person.

His success in men's watches encouraged him to try his hand at creating a hand-skeletonized ladies watch. Armin's first ever ladies watch was recorded 1990 in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest ever hand-skeletonized watch. The slim, thumbnail-sized watch still enjoys this position today, as there have only ever been a few people in the world able to acquire the skill of hand-skeletonizing.

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