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Angular momentum

Angular Momentum is a company renowned for their creativity, innovative design and craft. When it comes to l‘horlogerie, designers usually like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to the dial. Thanks to Angular Momentum its designers and watchmakers, timepieces are starting to become individual works of art. However, no other brand devotes itself to the detailed beauty of watches more fully than Angular Momentum. Angular Momentum’s hand carved and miniature painted watch faces are truly works of art. Angular Momentum of Switzerland offers a unique service to individuals who wish to have their own personalized timepiece. The Artisan Timepiece Collection features a wide range of individual bespoken timepieces, taylor made for a demanding clientele around the world. Today 90% of Angular Momentum's yearly production are bespoken timepieces. Founded in Bern in 1998, Angular Momentum is now a Swiss watch brand that has earned widespread fame on the international scene. It is distributed worldwide through 19 countries. In 2006 Angular Momentum confirms its success by opening its first boutique - The TIME GALLERY - in the town where it was created.

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