You Can Now Order a Custom Watch to Match Your Ford GT

Ford has partnered with automotive accessory maker Autodromo to create a chronograph wristwatch exclusive to owners of the new Ford GT, with pre-orders opening this summer The timepiece will be highly customizable to suit the buyer's tastes, and even those without the pre-requisite car can spec out a virtual model using this web site. The first thing that sets this watch apart from the regular fare is that it can be made to match the color pattern of each customer's car It will also receive an engraving of its matching Ford GT chassis number, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.

The watch takes inspiration from design elements that can be found throughout the GT, with a crown that represents the car's scroll wheel interface and pushers that resemble carbon fiber paddle shifters. The wristwatch's dial is composed of three layers, a triangular lattice pattern inspired by the GT's aluminum chassis, . More