Why I Bought It: Timex Marlin Re-edition

Enter the Timex Marlin re-edition of 2017, a watch that I own, wear, and love I'm not the only enthusiast who wanted the Marlin as soon as I saw it; the first set of watches sold out before I could dash off an email to my wife, and it was with some relief that I learned that Timex was going to produce a second tranche While I'm sad to have lost the Timex he gave me I'm very pleased to have not only the Marlin re-edition but also one of his old Timex watches from the early 1970s, which I wear on occasions when I want to experience the feeling that he is close by.

It's a bit hard to describe just how pervasive a part of popular awareness Timex was in the 1960s as "The largest selling brand of watches in the world." Mass manufacturing and distribution methods, affordable pricing, and relentless advertising of Timex as the watch that "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking" kept Timex at the forefront of demand A popular advertising series featured veteran commentator John Cameron Swayze in mock newscast segments in which Timex watches endured various forms of torture At least so far, no luck, although I did find a high school yearbook photo of me wearing the first watch I ever bought for myself: a Bucherer chronometer that you can see in A Watch Collection Begins: GaryG And His Bucherer Chronometer. More