When haute horlogerie meets haute couture

When haute horlogerie meets haute couture

Leather and lace, feathers and tweed, a hint of shimmer and bags of style women's watches look beyond the classical canons and prove they are front-row material as haute couture flamboyance makes a seamless transition to cases, dials and straps A newly released collection of ladies' watches from Vacheron Constantin, Égérie finds inspiration in the rarefied world of haute couture Still more sophisticated details allude to haute couture.

For those brands that came to watchmaking after exercising their talent in fashion, haute couture or ready-to-wear lines provide a wealth of ideas that are readily transposable to dials and straps The supple texture of Chanel's signature tweed is reproduced on the strap of the BoyFriend Tweedy, on the Grand Feu enamel dial of the BoyFriend Tweed Art, in two colourways or a muted gradient of greys and black, and again on the dial of the BoyFriend Neo Tweed, all three models presented in 2019 Couture is a natural inspiration for Dior, too, and particularly the magnificent ballgowns that swish and swirl across the dials of the Grand Bal watches.

Embellished with silk threads, mother-of-pearl or diamonds in a lattice setting and powered by the 11½ calibre inversé which wears its rotor on the dial side, the collection brings a multitude of possibilities to life, all inspired by Dior couture. . More

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