What is a hybrid smartwatch? Our guide to stylish and tech-filled wristwear

Everyone knows what a watch is and nowadays most of us can identify a smartwatch too But what’s a hybrid smartwatch and why are so many brands making them? Put simply, a hybrid smartwatch blends a traditional, mechanical watch design with modern smartwatch technology that can track fitness, send notifications, monitor your heart rate and much more. That’s why it’s called a hybrid, because it sits somewhere between a regular watch and a smartwatch Although, some are more smart than others For example, the Garmin Vivomove HR is a hybrid smartwatch with a discreet display, activity tracking sensors and a heart rate monitor packed into a minimal design  In contrast, the Fossil Q Accomplice looks much more like a regular, high-end watch.

Although it has some fitness tracking, it’s basic and much more aimed at those who want a vibrating notification sent to their wrist rather than much else. As you can tell, just because . More