WATCHPRO WORKSHOP: The power of professional photography to sell watches

For all watch and jewelry businesses with an online retail presence, creating imagery falls into three broad categories: the packshot, the still life and the lifestyle shots.  This general rule applies to established brands as well as startups, as London-based photography and video agency Kalory explains in this WatchPro Workshop. Typically with any online business, the product needs to be presented in a variety of situations so that the final buyer is able to establish a strong “want” towards it and hence make the final purchase. Most of the selling has to be done through the images, as, in general, there is no human interaction to help close the sale.  This is where a variety of image styles come into play. You have to take your customers through a visual journey and show them the product in multiple situations that will give them the confidence to make the final purchase. 1 Packshots: This is the . More