Watchmaker Of Historical Significance: Romain Gauthier

Throughout history, hundreds of talented watchmakers have left their mark on the science and industry of timekeeping. There have been those who have revolutionized the field with the invention of something groundbreaking such as Thomas Mudge and his lever escapement in 1755 or George Daniels and the co-axial escapement in 1974. There are those who have solved smaller problems like Albert Pellaton, who patented a new winding system in 1946 while working for IWC. And then there are those who have simply dared to create something unique like the famous automata by Pierre Jaquet Droz. Big or small, clever watchmakers have been leaving their marks on history in a variety of ways And while many inventions were later overshadowed by newer inventions – or completely replaced by newly discovered technology – their achievements are celebrated as part of the story that is horology. Today we launch a new series designed to highlight watchmakers living and . More