Watches: Hublot's magic act

The Swiss brand continues to defy convention in the most colourful ways, writes Timothy Barber Amid the watch industry’s reliance on retro designs and vintage revivals, a gradual embracing of broad and unusual colours has been one encouraging trend for those of us who reckon watch design needs to look forwards as well as back It’s no longer a total shock to see watch dials in pink, yellow or green, while even bezels and cases have been occasionally appearing in interesting new shades and textures. Nevertheless, the red-all-over watch that Hublot unveiled at Baselworld watch fair in March, forged from ‘Red Magic’ ceramic for which the brand has established a patent, was still quite the bombshell: boldly magnificent in design, utterly unusual, technically audacious and as subtle as a brick to the forehead Hublot to a tee, in other words It’s entertaining to think that 15 years ago, when Hublot was taken under the transformative. More