TRIED & TESTED: Longines Conquest VHP

The obsession with accuracy in the watch world – mechanical or quartz – is one that may be confusing for some If, like many, you assume that your timepiece will never be as accurate as your smartphone or computer, the fact that the industry spends so much of its resources on improving accuracy can be baffling. But one needs to understand what standards time is held to Prior to the atomic clocks that are now the internationally-used norm, quartz clocks that used crystal oscillators were the norm.

The quartz market (and subsequent Revolution) were built from the miniaturisation of these systems into wristwatches When quartz was the standard, the race was on to put this accurate timekeeping system on everyone’s wrist. However, when the atomic clock became the global standard, it became clear that even quartz crystal oscillators weren’t nearly as accurate, comparatively speaking. It’s the reason why, when Longines unveiled its VHP . More