Timex's New Watches Are Under $200 And Will Look Good On Everyone

Timex's New Watches Are Under $200 And Will Look Good On Everyone

Timex, the classic American watchmaker that's been crafting timepieces since 1854, has just unveiled its latest affordable, stylish watch for all They went back into their archives, revisiting a style from 1979 dubbed the Q Timex The reissue of this Quartz-powered watch actually originally hit shelves in late 2019, but since then it's been like a hyped sneaker for watch guys, selling out almost instantly with each restock.

Now, well into 2020, the company has unveiled some brand new colorways of the watch, including blue/orange, black/green, and blue/red, all of which, if we're being honest, give it the appearance of a more premium watch at first glance While still being honest, that's great news if you want something classic in appearance without dropping several grand on a premium timepiece Give its sub-$200 pricepoint, you can afford to mix and match these with various pieces in your wardrobe, all for well under a grand.

Get 'em while you can, because as the hype for these is real, the one thing you might not have a ton of when deciding to cop or not is, well, time. . More

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