Timex x Todd Snyder vintage-style Mod Watch back in two colours

Timex x Todd Snyder vintage-style Mod Watch back in two colours

A watch of the past has inspired this watch of the present – the Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch, which is back now in two colour options. Yes, that’s right, the ‘Mod Watch’ Why? Well, the watch is based on a ‘bullseye’ design from the Timex archives (hence the name) and as you probably know, the bullseye / target design is and will forever be associated with mods and the mod scene of the past and present. Not that the original timepiece was a fashion / style design The original was the Timex Sprite, which dated back to at least the 1970s and was designed as a military timepiece.

So it’s a case of a functional piece turning fashion. Indeed, this is a great and eye-catching option for everyday wear, with a vintage-inspired dial and military nylon strap, with that appeal also boosted originally as a limited edition Not sure that’s the . More

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