The winner of the World Cup is Apple

Companies pay dearly to sponsor the World Cup There’s no event more widely watched than soccer’s premier tournament—over 3 billion people tuned in in 2014—and FIFA, the sport’s governing body, is expected to generate around $1.6 billion in revenue from marketing this year’s cup. But instead of paying to emblazon its logo on match-side billboards, Apple took a different tack—and it may not even have been on purpose. Players from around the world have been seen wearing Apple’s AirPods wireless earbuds, and Beats headphones, which Apple also owns, before matches, disembarking planes, or even returning to their home countries in defeat. FIFA has pretty strict rules around what it calls “ambush marketing,” where a brand pays players to wear or use its products before or during World Cup games, even though that company has not paid to be an official World Cup sponsor It’s why any player you see wearing Beats headphones before. More