The Most Comprehensive History of Watch Legend Swatch You'll Ever Need

The Most Comprehensive History of Watch Legend Swatch You'll Ever Need

Long before Swatch ever became a part of the pop culture lexicon, a watch was purely a mechanical device The Swatch Watch had managed to transcend the traditional "Jewelry" designation One of the added benefits of having less mechanical parts inside the watch was that Swatch could react quickly to changing sartorial trends.

Additionally - like in the case of Alfred Hofkunst's 1991 collaboration "One More Time" collection which was food-themed - Swatch created immersive, pop-up style activations in grocery stores that we now see are quite commonplace for brands looking to subvert traditional retail methods According to Frank Edwards' book, Swatch: A Guide for Connoisseurs and Collectors, which was published in 1998, Picasso's Swatch at that time was reselling for between $25,000-$40,000, and Haring's for between $60,000-$80,000 From its earliest days, Swatch has been committed to pushing the boundaries on what was possible in the watch world.

The Swatch Chronograph was the first multifunctional Swatch Watch. . Source

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