Study Finds That Your Sheer Manliness Made You Want That Luxury Status Watch

Study Finds That Your Sheer Manliness Made You Want That Luxury Status Watch

A recent study published in Nature suggests that the hormone testosterone is responsible for men wanting luxury watches The study didn't focus on just luxury watches, but it certainly featured them I liked the term the researchers used which was "Positional good" to describe an item like an luxury watch whose primary purpose is to increase the social position of the owner/wearer.

An interesting topic that the study also addresses is how expensive watches can lead to an increase in social status The study makes it a point to separate high quality and high utility watches from ones which merely increase status In any event, the study seems to make a very good case that the hormone testosterone is directly responsible for not only male purchasing habits, but also the desire for status symbols such as luxury watches.

I am not sure how those lifestyles are separated, but given my understanding about how watch tastes really differ, I can easily say that certain groups of watch buying men certainly seem to want status symbols more than others. . More

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