Stay Timeless in Rolex's Newly Unveiled Oyster Collection

Stay Timeless in Rolex's Newly Unveiled Oyster Collection

“It’s a statement watch You walk into a room, and you’re able to earn the respect you deserve,” TJ Idowu states with certitude as he reflects on his personal Rolex collection He was one luxury connoisseur in a sea of tailored suits and gleaming timepieces at the Rolex Boutique Deutsch & Deutsch private unveiling of the newest pieces of the Oyster Collection Heralded as badges of status and distinction, Rolex watches have cultivated droves of adoring fans and collectors like Idowu.

Lucky for Houstonians, the Rolex Boutique Deutsch & Deutsch is the first and only stand-alone Rolex store in Texas and one of only a dozen in the country Lodged on the first floor of the Galleria, the boutique has become a mecca for Rolex VIPs to get a first look at the watches of the year. Discerning Houstonians don’t come to the Rolex Boutique Deutsch & Deutsch to rub elbows with . Source

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