Seiko's Secret: Specialist Haute Horlogerie Micro Artist Division In Japan – Reprise

Seiko's Secret: Specialist Haute Horlogerie Micro Artist Division In Japan – Reprise

Seiko is in my opinion the most diverse watch manufacturer on the planet - particularly since 2000 when its own style of haute horlogerie was called to life Located in Seiko's Shiojiri factory in central Japan's Nagano prefecture, the Micro Artist Studio is right next to the division that specializes in the Spring Drive - which is fortuitous, for the Micro Artist Studio uses the Spring Drive movement in its extraordinary creations Seiko and Noritake are two companies with similar elements in their histories: both imported important elements from Europe in their early histories, and both have evolved into technical powerhouses: among other things, Noritake has evolved ceramics for industrial uses in Japan.

In 2014, Seiko introduced the Credor Eichi II, an even more more puritanical take on the ideal of the Eichi with a time-only porcelain dial that is crafted right in the Micro Artists' studio When you consider that the craftsmen found in the Micro Artist division didn't learn how to finish movements during their educations, nor was it part of the company culture of Seiko, it becomes apparent what a huge achievement these developments are Above all, one must remember that the finishing on these haute horlogerie wristwatches created in Japan was not applied only for the sake of aesthetics, but also to enhance the watches' functionality and durability.

Credor masterpieces of the Seiko Micro Artist studio. . More

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