Press Release: MB&F announces Certified Pre-Owned Watches

8 days ago
Press Release: MB&F announces Certified Pre-Owned <b>Watches</b>

MB&F jumps into the bandwagon to provide a solution to the increasing demand for MB&F Machines which are no longer available in the market. The program is called the MB&F Certified Pre-Owned Chapter: a dedicated section of their website where clients will find exceptional second-hand MB&F timepieces that are virtually impossible to find. The section went live just a few days ago, with a carefully curated selection of limited edition pieces – and the first pieces have already been sold. MB&F claims that they sell the pre-owned pieces at virtually no profit. And they are doing so because they believe that a strong brand should have a strong second hand value in the market. From the start, MB&F have support the pre-owoned market like no other. For example, any watch purchased from selected auction houses, like Christies, Sotheby’s etc, will receive a free full service at MB&F at their expense. Collectors looking Read more

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