On Robots That Can't Cook and New Distractions for Bored Hospitality Workers

The (broken) system at work: the US Supreme Court has just made it harder for restaurant workers to address employer violations such as unpaid wages and tip theft — Eater reports. A good read on the importance of the Apple Watch as a temporary escape mechanism for people toiling in hospitality. Wanna peek behind the curtain of chain restaurant menu development? Munchies takes a deep dive into the subject with former corporate restaurant consultant India Mandelkern. MIT engineeers supplanted chefs with machines to create a fully mechanized kitchen What could go wrong? In case you missed it, after a failed attempt to reach a new lease agreement, Bill Robataille’s Tempranillo restaurant in Gastown will close its doors on June 2nd. This week in questionable research practices: A group of scientists are proposing a study on the effects of high and low sodium diets The catch? They want to conduct their study on prison inmates… In the. More