Official Apple Watch camera patent sees many ways at once

Official Apple Watch camera patent sees many ways at once

Assuming you've never seen a wristwatch-based camera before, the Apple Watch camera should strike you as a real wild idea The Apple Watch camera concept might well fix it all up The Apple Watch camera illustrations you see below are different from the app you'll find available on the Apple Watch out in the wild right now.

The drawings you'll see show how the Apple "Image-Capturing Watch" has two cameras, one above and one below what appears to be a standard Apple Watch As Apple's patent description for the camera watch describes, this would "Relate to a watch with cameras and a processor for capturing and processing images." The summary centers on the ability to capture more than one image or video at once, and more content than ends up being output as a final resulting piece of media This device is "a wristwatch, comprising: a watch body; a watch band coupled to the watch body; two cameras disposed on the watch band, each camera comprising a wide-angle lens, wherein the two cameras have overlapping angles of view and are configured to simultaneously capture images; and a processor configured to combine image data of simultaneously-captured images from the two cameras into resultant image data including a representation of the user's face that is an angle-adjusted version of the user's face produced based on facial calibration data previously generated from the user" There might never be an Apple Watch with two massive cameras on it, one front and one back. Source

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