Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK bears kaleidoscopic design, Bluetooth, solar power, more

Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK bears kaleidoscopic design, Bluetooth, solar power, more

That being said, it's going to be hard for many to compete with Casio's new Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK It features a colorful design that mimics what we've seen Samsung deliver in some of its smartphones Casio describes its bezel as "Kaleidoscopic" and manages to take things even further with a red translucent band.

Casio's Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK will undoubtedly turn some heads The latest watch from Casio chases a style that easily stands out from most This is thanks to a multicolor IP that's applied to the bezel and metal parts used in Casio's Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK.

The multi-colored face of this watch shifts between red, blue and white which is further complemented by a red translucent band Casio touts this design as expressing "The intense heat of molten volcanic lava in vivid color." Casio's new Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK is slated to arrive sometime this month, with pricing set at $1,100. . More

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