LG Watch W7 review: A smartwatch that shouldn't be ignored

LG Watch W7 review: A smartwatch that shouldn't be ignored

That's why it's interesting to see that LG's announcement of the Watch W7 instantly became the most criticized smartwatch of 2018 - possibly ever It's not as artful as a Breitling or flashy like a Diesel, it just looks like a standard watch from one of a dozen brands you could pick up from Macy's for about $100 But that's the highlight of the W7 - not because it's a particularly beautiful smartwatch, but because it doesn't look like a smartwatch.

Thanks to those two hands, the W7 allows you to wear a smartwatch without revealing your nerd card The added thickness of mechanical hands makes it slightly thicker than the venerable first-gen Huawei Watch, but still thinner than monsters like the LG Watch Sport I've tried using third-party watch faces, but they look strange with on-screen hands, especially for the brief moments when the on-screen hands move first and then the physical hands catch up.

There's something about beautiful watch faces, an elegantly engineered case, and those glints of light from the tiny polished metal hands LG certainly should refine the mechanics, and both LG and Google have to spend more time on the software, but this path could lead to a watch that truly offers the best of both worlds. . Source

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