Jewels & Time 2020: Patek Philippe Ref 6301P Grande Sonnerie Breaks New Ground

Jewels & Time 2020: Patek Philippe Ref 6301P Grande Sonnerie Breaks New Ground

When revered horology house Patek Philippe revealed its latest Ref 6301P Grand Sonnerie wristwatch in November, it came as quite the surprise-it is, according to the brand, "Its first wristwatch with a grand sonnerie in its purest manifestation" It simply means that it has not created one with the particular set of chiming complications present in the Ref 6301P Grande Sonnerie The Ref 6301P Grande Sonnerie is the culmination of several chiming accomplishments, beginning with the technical mastery achieved in the creation of the Ref 5175 Grandmaster Chime, the actual first grand sonnerie wristwatch from the manufacture.

The Ref 6301P is a descendant of that grand dame, with its brand new calibre GS 36-750 PS IRM developed as a spinoff of the Grandmaster Chime's calibre 300 The Ref 6301P also introduces two new patents associated with its chiming functions-a silence mode isolates the grand sonnerie from the power flow and eliminates its energy consumption, while a second allows the selection of the exact strikework mode-grande sonnerie, petite sonnerie, or minute repeater-using a single lever and slide switch Its final patent comes from the jumping seconds display visible at 6 o'clock, which Patek has never before paired with a grande sonnerie.

In essence, the Ref 6301P is a singularly unique chiming watch from the grandmaster of chiming watches. . Source

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