Interview with Larry Pettinelli

This year, Patek Philippe got a lot of buzz around the Nautilus perpetual calendar in white gold, the perpetual calendar in platinum with rose gold dial, and the Aquanaut Chronograph Were you surprised by any of the reactions at Baselworld?We expected a good reaction on the chronograph Aquanaut, specifically with the black strap But we were shocked by how many people accepted the orange strap from Patek Philippe, which is a little more conservative by nature.

They said, ‘Yeah, I would wear that orange strap on a weekend.’ They were really all in. What complications and styles is Patek Philippe currently focusing on?We happen to be making more travel time and world time watches, so that seems to be a theme that the Sterns want to examine and explore For us, it’s a good way to have a very classic looking watch with a little more complication. We also feel like we’ve . More