Huawei Watch GT: The Esquire Review

Introducing the Huawei Watch GT - the smart wearable the Chinese firm hopes will take a bite out of Apple's dominance in the smartwatch world Huawei is betting that its design - as well as more traditional aesthetic - along with stellar battery life will do the job More importantly - for those looking to buy this watch - is that despite its petite stature, Huawei says the battery will last a whopping 30-days.

The main contributor to that is the fact that Huawei ditched Android Wear OS and instead runs Huawei's own Lite OS As the name suggests, it's not quite as functional as most rival operating systems - which is bad news for those wanting to run third-party apps In terms of fitness tracking the Watch GT has some tricks up its sleeve.

Huawei has used its clever AI smarts to make the heart rate sensor more accurate than ever before For most people then, the Huawei Watch GT will get the most wear as a dedicated fitness device. . More