How to buy a Rolex Submariner? Top 10 tips to bag a rare watch

How to buy a Rolex Submariner? Top 10 tips to bag a rare watch

There's a term floating around in the watch world; 'Unicron watches' Not to be confused with 'grail watches', unicorns are the hardest watches to buy at retail on the market right now The only way to buy a unicorn watch today is to have a lifelong bond with an authorised dealer.

The very best first step on the path to bagging a unicorn watch is to buy an engagement ring Buying a watch was once a quick transaction, now it is a multi-year commitment so you will need to become friends with the jeweller You might not have a million pound watch collection, but introduce somebody that does and you will benefit from the introduction.

Their job is to start the conversation that can be steered towards the object of your desire: the unicorn watch you crave. . More

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