Haute Time Talks Heritage with BOVET 1822 Owner, Pascal Raffy

Haute Time Talks Heritage with BOVET 1822 Owner, Pascal Raffy

La Maison BOVET is more than a luxury watchmaking brand; it is the embodiment of passion and respect for transmitting a deep understanding of ancestral knowledge and tradition to the next generation If the famed Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho de Souza was right that, “Elegance lies not in what we wear, but in the way we wear them”, BOVET 1822 and Dimier 1738 Owner, Pascal Raffy tells Haute Time precisely why. BOVET 1822 and Dimier 1738 Owner, Pascal Raffy Dellvin Roshon Williams (DRW): How would you characterize your contribution to Bovet and to wider Haute Horlogerie since you took over? PR (Pascal Raffy): Respect for the history of BOVET and the unrivaled savoir-faire of its artisans are the fundamental values that I have stressed for nearly 20 years BOVET heritage is based on tradition, a deep concern for detail, and a sense of taste for the most beautiful expression of time and watchmaking skills. More

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