First Rolex GMT-Master, Reference 6542, And Why The Gold Version Is Much More Desirable

In recent years, the vintage Rolex GMT-Master with its multi time zone display has become one of the most desirable Rolex watches to own. The very first GMT-Master, Reference 6542, is easily the rarest and most sought after of all the vintage GMT-Master references With a production period that lasted only a short handful of years between 1954 and 1959, Reference 6542 is immediately identifiable to a trained eye by its 40 mm case diameter, thin 24-hour hand, and lack of crown guards. As the vintage Rolex market continues its unbelievable expansion, I believe this timepiece gets elevated to a whole new level for its rarity compared to other GMT-Master references While the majority of this reference was made in stainless steel, the yellow gold example shown here is an even rarer bird Since its introduction in 1954, Rolex’s GMT-Master line has undergone a number of changes and updates throughout the years, most. More