Exceptional Movements In History: IWC Caliber 89

Exceptional Movements In History: IWC Caliber 89

Watchmaking and exploration have a rich history. Whether land, sky, or sea, a wristwatch of exceptional caliber has always been chosen to accompany humankind on such journeys. In this series I will examine watch movements that have been employed over the years for their exceptional characters, becoming well-loved for their quality, robustness, and collectible status. While all the movements I examine here have been used in a variety of models, I have chosen them specifically for their relationship with tool watches of decades past, when timepieces were designed with a specific purpose in mind and then used in that manner. IWC Caliber 89 When it comes to selecting a watch for the purposes of getting the job done, there are three qualities that must be looked for: simple, robust, and reliable And no movement can be more greatly heralded on all three qualities than IWC’s Caliber 89, which was in production from 1946 to 1979. I . More

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