Bluemercury Co-Founder Barry Beck on What Drives His Passion for Collecting

Bluemercury Co-Founder Barry Beck on What Drives His Passion for Collecting

Serial entrepreneur Barry Beck and his wife Marla Beck built their luxury beauty retailer, Bluemercury, into a booming business Macy’s bought the business, which the Becks still run, for $210 million in an all-cash deal in 2015 and, as of last year, analysts say Bluemercury could be valued at $1 billion, accounting for one seventh of Macy’s total business Like most successful entrepreneurs, passion dictates everything Beck does including his hobbies.

Beck sat down with us to discuss how two seminal life events sparked an obsession with the mechanical engineering of Patek Philippe and Ferrari. What kickstarted your passion for watches?My grandfather, who lived a simple life despite his successful career as the original maker of Izod Lacoste When he passed, he left his gold Patek Philippe wristwatch for me at the age of 18 A watch and a wedding ring can be one’s most personal effects, so to wear his. More

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