Big & Bold: Four Watches That Are Large Because They Need The Space

Big & Bold: Four Watches That Are Large Because They Need The Space

There is a category of watches that not only uses all the real estate they have available, but they also need it! They feature movements that fill the case and require large dials to show a multitude of complications in a fashionable order The most complicated wristwatch that the brand has ever made features a wide variety of mainly astronomical complications and uses to display them both the front and the back of the watch They really use the space of this large watch well, not only to deliver all the information that this big watch has to offer in a comprehensive and easy to read way, but they also manage to give it a power reserve of no less than three weeks! Greubel Forsey GMTAt Greubel Forsey, they like to keep their watches complicated and their names easy.

Jaquet Droz Charming BirdWith a diameter of 47mm is this Jaquet Droz big! However, it also needs to be as it not only tells you the time but also has to provide enough room for the bird inside your watch to live Famous for their automatons does this watch offers a bird that whistles, twists and flaps its wings, all under a sapphire dome on the dial of the watch A unique feature in the world of Haute Horlogerie, and space well used within the large case of this watch. More

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