5 of the best watches to wear in hot and humid weather

5 of the best watches to wear in hot and humid weather

06 Sep 2019.Any roundup of the best watches to wear in hot and humid weather might as well be a generic, 365-day resource for Hongkongers For an increasingly disproportionate part of the year, humidity here exceeds 77 percent - making for an uncomfortable climate that's exacerbated by heavy rainfall and the very real threat of typhoons The months that we typically think of as 'cool' only satisfy this definition in the relative sense - likely to be considered warmer by international weather standards.

When selecting five of the best watches for Hong Kong's climate, a couple of shared criteria were essential: no leather straps; some degree of water resistance; and designs that favoured an ergonomic, comfortable wearing experience The best part? Three of the pieces that made our cut can be had for less than $30,000 - so you have change left over to buy an umbrella. . More

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