Why rock'n'roll jeweller Stephen Webster is a national treasure

Why rock'n'roll jeweller Stephen Webster is a national treasure

There is a serious lacuna in this line-up: there is no picture of jeweller Stephen Webster Energetic and slightly wizened, Webster looks like a blend of 75 per cent Marc Bolan, 25 per cent Keith Richards Webster's cheerful irreverence and his lively self-effacing sales patter is the same, unchanged since 1976 when he became an art student and punk rocker after growing up in Gravesend during the Sixties.

Webster may be pushing 60, but he still looks, behaves and sounds young Whether you happen to be Warren Buffett, Madonna or Blondey McCoy, the culturally multivalent skater, artist and Burberry model, you'll know Webster, feature in one of his anecdotes and, as in McCoy's case, might even find yourself collaborating with him It's hard not think that at times Webster is auditioning for a Welcome To London poster, as the city is one of his favourite inspirations.

Just as Warhol took soup tins and turned them into art, so Webster has done with his work, transforming the most mundane of articles into jewellery, so as well as seeing him as the rock'n'roll jeweller, I also like to view Webster as a pop art jeweller. . More

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