Where to buy jewelry as worn by Buffy Summers, Felicity Smoak and Betty Cooper

Where to buy jewelry as worn by Buffy Summers, Felicity Smoak and Betty Cooper

SYFY FANGRRLS spoke to jewelry designer Peggy Li about how a hobby turned into a career, her big Buffy the Vampire Slayer break and engaging with fandom "Then I got a phone call," explained Li "This woman says, 'I am a reporter from USA Today, Cynthia Bergstrom at Buffy tells me they're going to use your jewelry on the show this coming season.

Can I interview you? Where can people buy your stuff?'" The tables had turned While the episodes are of the past, some of the jewelry worn in them is still available to buy Li noted that with her store, "I'm lucky that I am small enough that often those pieces will be available.

So it is something they can actually see, go on online and get I think that is very satisfying." Visitors can buy items that appeared on Buffy nearly two decades ago, as well as something Felicity Smoak wore on Arrow more recently You can get the triangle necklace Betty wears for $39.

On Riverdale, Li mentioned that the jewelry they have used is "Smaller, delicate Not the most showy pieces There is a lot to choose from on Riverdale.

The fashion is fantastic It can be a little hard to stand out." "As Cynthia from Buffy moved onto different TV shows, she would take me along and request my stuff," explained Li "She is a big reason my business is what it is today.

I got to got from show to show with her and she would introduce my stuff to other costume designers." And because Buffy is a genre show, the follow-ups would often be similar in tone After stepping back from the business for a few years due to family reasons, Li wants to put more emphasis on engaging with fans of the shows her work has appeared on, "I'm trying to do research and learn more about what is out there." Li went to the Heroes & Villains FanFest last December, where she "Encountered people wearing my jewelry in cosplay That was really trippy and very cool" She also plans on going back to San Jose for this event at the end of this year, as well as going to a Vampire Diaries convention. Source

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