What's Your Sign? Match It With the Right Jewelry for the Red Carpet and Beyond

What's Your Sign? Match It With the Right Jewelry for the Red Carpet and Beyond

"The Taurus relishes sensuality and pleasure and often it can be harder for them to get things accomplished." She recommends citrine, which helps attract what you desire most and helps to boost drive and ambition "The sign tends to be ruled by the mind and can occasionally get lost inside of it." She recommends Tiger eye, which will help support a positive mindset "Citrine helps you with unnecessary worry.

Virgos tend to get caught inside the mind about things they can't control Citrine helps alleviate nonsensical worry." Banicki says the sign is stepping "Into the light to help others" and suggests rubellite "To keep you connected to your passion and purpose." "It is important for this sign to follow these ideas Although Aquarians may not always know the best way to organize ideas, sodalite can helps with anxiety related to feeling overwhelmed and help to balance intuition with rational thinking" Banicki suggests clear quartz for the air sign "To amplify whatever energy it's near.

It also helps to clear away negativity and blocks." "Members of this sign can often be daydreamers who sometimes struggle to get things done They are Intuitive and feeling Fluorite helps with organization and creates a clear channel in the crown.

It also helps to make decisions that are objective rather than emotional." . More

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